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Throughout her sleep the girl tossed and turned, moans and whimpers could be heard every now and then. She seemed restless even in sleep, but restless sleep is better than no sleep he assumed. Night passed slowly for him and as daylight broke he heard the girl stir. 

He glanced at her, her hair was even more tousled than it was yesterday, the dark bags under her eyes were already lighter. All together she looked better. 

"You expected me to leave?" His words had no sub tone to them, no accusation, no hurt, they were just words. If he were in Gaara’s position he would have assumed to be alone in the morning as well. 

     A nod as she got up from where she had been sitting, walking over to her bag and digging a hair tie out of the depths— already frustrated with how the long locks were getting into her face. Looking at him as she put her hair into a ponytail.

     “It would have been smarter for you if you had left. While you seem to be back with the leaf, I can only assume that they have not forgiven you completely or forgotten what you did. If they find out you aided me, or find out that you ran into me and did not attempt to bring me in, you could face serious consequences. The wise thing would have been to leave.”

  • Name:  Reiko
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: blonde hair, tan skin, those red triangle thingies idk if they’re tatoos or not, black eyes like her dad
  • Personality: She’s pretty nice most of the time!! Polite and sweet and helps out w/ the flowershop but jfc if you get her mad she’s just like her grandma (kiba’s mom) and you should run for the hills before you get slaughtered
  • Special Talents: She’s very skilled with the yamanaka techniques!
  • Who they like better: Ino
  • Who they take after more: Ino
  • Personal Head canon: She doesn’t have a doggie like her dad as a partner, but she does help a lot w/ training other ppls dogs
One Night Stand { ? } || Kazenokyuubi


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  • Gender:
  • General Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Special Talents:
  • Who they like better:
  • Who they take after more:
  • Personal Head canon:
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He listened to the rain. Why was he here? Helping Gaara? He glanced at the girl who was already fast asleep. Maybe it was because he had fought her, for however brief their fight was. Because all those years ago he had wrongfully thought himself better than her. 

I am always fighting him,’ the girls words lingered in the air. She was fighting the beast, everyday. He wasn’t better than her and he never was. She had a blood thirsty beast inside of her clawing and screaming everyday for the same thing, but she fought it. 

Everything the girl had ever had was taken away from her, her father had hated her, her uncle tried to kill her. However, Sasuke loses his family, but was left with happy memories, and he goes rampant. 

Maybe it was because all those years ago Naruto had cared deeply for her, Sasuke hadn’t understand why at the time, but he did. He owes Naruto his life and if he found out Gaara was alive and Sasuke hadn’t tried to help her, he would never forgive him. 

There were so many reasons why he could be helping her, but he didn’t know which one to believe.   

     Exhaustion catching up with the woman more quickly than she though possible, redhead falling into a deep sleep that was riddled with strange dreams, sights, whispers from the beast within her— bare brow furrowed as she slumbered, face contorting into one of frustration.

          {Later she would wonder why sleep wasn’t quiet— peaceful. The way everyone had made it seem like.}

     Still, the woman awoke the next morning, eyes bleary— mouth dry, Gaara a bit confused for a minute as to what was going on before remembering her surroundings, her situation, and her company. Slender hand reaching for her canteen and taking a large swallow of water before looking at the other in a mild consideration, “You stayed.”

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One Night Stand { ? } || Kazenokyuubi



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